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Pushing Boundaries and Borders By Rosemary Martin
Why teach dance? Why teach a contemporary dance program in Amman? Was I the right person to teach it? These are just some, of the many questions I have asked myself over the past few months when reflecting on the ‘Introduction to contemporary dance practices’ (ICDP) workshop program at Al-Balad Theatre.

How might have my presence have been perceived by others? Did my presence insinuate that this workshop might just be cultural hegemony in action? Did the dance scene in Amman need such a dance program, did they even want it, should have we asked more people involved in dance locally if this was something they needed, wanted and were willing to participate in before establishing it?

How could have local dance practitioners been more involved in the development and teaching of the program, would have this made it more sustainable? What did the students gain from such a program?

What would they have liked to have changed and why? Where to from here?