What is Dance Refl-action?

Dance Refl-action is an on-going open dance research project that came out of an idea encouraged by the Arab Theatre Training Centre. It aims to establish a open space for reflection, experimentation, and cross-cultural dialogue between dancers, choreographers, dance trainers, dance structures and dance training experiences on the pedagogy of contemporary dance in the Arab-Mediterranean region.

The philosophy

Dance Refl-action grew out of the idea that every act of teaching/learning/creating involves a specific pedagogy, This project is interested in reflecting upon those pedagogies. It is curious to learn how, through this action of transmission, bodies, our bodies, are being shaped.

As its name indicates,” Dance Refl-action” is a research project designed around a theoretical approach as well as a practical one. It is, therefore, interested in exploring how dance, as an artistic form, can nourish one's reflection by opening a window to another understanding of the worlds each one is living in.

The spirit of the project is not to restrict research to the academic community but to be as much as possible inclusive and participate in creating a more interactive space for people involved to share their knowledge. It is therefore action oriented and applied. It wants to invite people who are actually doing the teaching/learning/creating to reflect on their work. and through this reflection/articulation, and exchange with others, share it and build up on it and develop a more accurate understanding of the pedagogy they are using.

The objective The overall objective of this project is to develop a frame to respond to questions of defining and constructing contemporary dance beyond cultural specificities, and collectively carve a space for artistic reflection connected to action.
Dance refl-action activities are oriented towards:

  • building a more interactive, cross cultural dialogue between dance practitioners : dancers, choreographers, dance teachers and dance researchers, achieving this aim.
  • Enhancing the understanding of how, in a variety of cultural contexts contemporary dance is learned, understood and performed.
  • Improving opportunities for contemporary dance education and training within the Arab countries.

Dance Refl-action was granted by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for dialogue between cultures - www.euromedalex.org, as part of its 18 months Long term programmes ( 01-2010/ 06-2011).

What has been achieved?
Till Today, it was able to gather a dance community discussing and exchanging about dance pedagogy issues ( teaching, learning and creative dance processes) and to consolidate connections and partnerships between dancers and choreographers, to investigate http://www.dancereflaction.org/RESEARCH.aspx on site specific dance experiences and start developing a dance research data base (www.soukoun.org) in the arab-mediterranean region, as well as to initiate a network between dance amateurs and professionals, perpetuating this rhizomatic one of a kind dynamic.

The 2010-2011 Dance Refla-action activities consisted of:
  • A preparatory meeting in February 2010 in Cairo, Egypt.
  • The first symposium - on Dance pedagogies in the Arab Speaking countries in July 2010 in Bodrum, Turkey.
  • A mid-term meeting within the frame of Dbm Network in September 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Dance training programs in Cairo, Egypt and Amman, Jordan throughout 2010 and june 2011.
  • The first dance research conference in April 2011, in Beirut, Lebanon.
The reports and results of these activities are at the heartcore of this website dedicated to the Dance Refl-action project, along with the e-publication of the relevant Dance research papers done within the frame of the 2010-2011 program.

Who are the partners?

Dance Ref-action was launched thanks to the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation, and thanks to the effort of many other cultural structures in Jordan, Italy, Egypt, The Netherlands, Lebanon, Turkey and New Zealand active in developping the dance field in the euro/arab region. It involves the following organizations and structures: What's next?
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As an open and inclusive space for individuals and structures interested in teaching, learning and creating dance in connection with the euro-arab mediteranean region, dance reflaction welcomes continuously your suggestions and ideas.

For more information or suggestion, please write to : info@dancereflaction.org


Dance Refl-action is a research project that aims to establish a plateform for reflection and action on the pedagogy of contemporary dance in the Euro-Mediterranean region, with special focus on the Arab speaking countries.
The overall objective of this project is to develop a frame to respond to questions of defining and constructing contemporary dance beyond cultural specificities, and collectively carve a space for artistic reflection connected to action.